The Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord

The Judgement of Paris and The Apple of Discord by Peter Paul Reubens, c. 1632-1635

While the Apple of Discord is a story that few people know about, it is an important precursor to the story of the Trojan war.  This myth that seems to float around in the background, is actually a rather important one to understand.  It sets up the alliances of the gods during the war, and traces the blame for the conflict to the vanity of women.

To learn about the Myth of The Apple of Discord, check out this cool video!

The story is centred around the vanity of female goddesses such as Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera, and discounts their other characteristics.  While Hera is well known in mythology for her jealousy, and Aphrodite is also quick to punish those who claim to be more beautiful then her, it does seem odd for Athena, the goddess of logic and strategy to care so much about her looks.  These powerful Olympians are willing to be judged by a mortal on the superficiality of their looks. This myth is much more than just an entertaining story. When looked at more closely, The Apple of Discord can tell us a lot about how women were judged during this time.


Prais with The Apple of Discord





So in the end, the cause of the Trojan war can be boiled down to one man wanted to have the hottest chick.








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