About this Project

This website assignment was designed by Chelsea Gardner for the course CLAS/HIST 2051 (‘Women in Antiquity’) at Mount Allison University. As part of the assessment criteria for this course, students were asked to research a female figure or related topic from the ancient Graeco-Roman world, and were then required to create their own web page within the larger course website. The goal of this project was to impart the students with traditional academic research skills, and also introduced them to the processes involved in website creation. Ultimately, this website is meant to be a visually-appealing, interactive, informative, and open-access resource that contributes to the existing online body of work devoted to the study of women in the ancient world.

“If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” – Abigail Adams

If you would like to contribute to this project in the future, please get in touch with Chelsea Gardner through the contact page, or at gardneca@alumni.ubc.ca.

The following students contributed to this website in Winter 2017:

Janan Assaly – Female Gendered Mental Illnesses in Ancient Greece and Rome

Sierra Belong – Female Gladiators in Rome

Marion Blight – Spinning and Weaving in Ancient Greece

Sean Bourque – The Women of the Villa of Mysteries (Pompeii)

Anne Brazeau – Being a Girl in Ancient Greece

Emma Brown – Prescribed Implications of Dress: Comparing the Matrona and the Mistress in the Early Roman Empire

Caleigh Brussard – Greek Motherhood

Caroline Chamandy – The Male Understanding of Female Bodies in Antiquity

Amanda Cormier – Women in the Oresteia

Kathleen Cowie – The Rape of Lucretia

Dexter Fennell – The (Not-So) Ancient Amazons

Amber Forget – Conceptual Virginity & Homosexual Themes From Antiquity

Liam Gilbert-Walsh – Livia Drusilla

Tyler Hache – Sulpicia I

Minnow Holtz-Carriere – Midwives

Keelin Howe – Pregnancy & Childbirth in Ancient Greece

Julia Hunter – Helen of Troy

Brennan Kent – Hestia

Natalia Liste Colomina – Venus Through the Eyes of Art

Cheryl MacKinnon – Medusa and Her Sisters: The Gorgons

Caitlin McGowan – Artemis in Mythology

Alexa Mutch – Olympias

Kelsey Otto – Apuleius’ Psyche: An Ancient Fairytale Princess

Brooke Rowe – Mycenaean Female’s Clothing, Hair, and Jewellery

Samuelle Saindon – Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan

Christina Smith – The Nymphs

Hayley Spicer – Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Procreation

Ryan Thompson – Athena and the Trojan War

Kaitlyn Tremblay – Ancient Rome’s Obsession with Purity: the Vestal Virgins

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