Spartan Women in the Hellenistic and Roman Period

Education For Spartan youth education was essential for the continuation of the Spartan way of life. In Sparta unlike many places during this time in Greece had an education system for both boys and girls which included physical education , Mousike which was general fine arts like dancing and singing with the small elite being … More Spartan Women in the Hellenistic and Roman Period


The average married woman in antiquity was likely to have an average of four to six children, and with high infant mortality rates, ancient midwives would have done invaluable work. … More Midwives

Conceptual Virginity & Homosexual Themes From Antiquity

Abstract      The research I conducted for this project focused on the concept of ancient virginity, specifically centred around Greece and Rome. I researched both the ancient physical understandings of the notion of virginity and how this applied differently to males and females. From my original research, I began to notice an interesting trend that revealed more information about homosexuality and homosexual relationships as being ‘exempt’ from … More Conceptual Virginity & Homosexual Themes From Antiquity

The Pythia

The Pythia was the oracular priestess at Delphi, who would deliver prophecies to suppliants under the possession of Apollo. This was one of the most important oracles in the Greek world and it was in use for nearly a thousand years. … More The Pythia