Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The subject of women in antiquity is a fascinating, but admittedly difficult pursuit. Women’s voices in ancient times were largely ignored or silenced in literature, historical narratives, philosophical discourse, and political life. Since pursuits in the philosophical realm were predominantly viewed as the domain of elite men, women, slaves, and other minorities are often left … More Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy


  Boudica, or Boadicea or Boudicca, is a historical figure from Iron Age Britain. She is best known for leading the rebellion against the Roman empire between 60 and 61 AD. Boudica was Queen of the Iceni tribe and a mother of two daughters. When she, her family and her people were horrifically wronged by … More Boudica

Lysistrata and the Role of the Woman in Classical and Modern Society

Lysistrata, the comedy by Aristophanes, was written to be performed in the 5th century BCE and is still one of the most significant resources we have regarding the roles and actions of women in Classical Greece. Since premiering, it has spawned many modern versions and portrayals, and is often quite well-recognized due to its controversial … More Lysistrata and the Role of the Woman in Classical and Modern Society

Women’s Fashion in Imperial Rome

The clothes of Roman women were not just practical but were also indicators of the woman’s standing in society. Wealth could be hinted at through vibrant colours and elaborate hairstyles. Clothes also differed between ages and marriage. In this page, I will discuss what clothing articles were worn, how they were worn, as well as what they signified with discussion on materials, dyes, hairstyles, and makeup. … More Women’s Fashion in Imperial Rome


The average married woman in antiquity was likely to have an average of four to six children, and with high infant mortality rates, ancient midwives would have done invaluable work. … More Midwives

Conceptual Virginity & Homosexual Themes From Antiquity

Abstract      The research I conducted for this project focused on the concept of ancient virginity, specifically centred around Greece and Rome. I researched both the ancient physical understandings of the notion of virginity and how this applied differently to males and females. From my original research, I began to notice an interesting trend that revealed more information about homosexuality and homosexual relationships as being ‘exempt’ from … More Conceptual Virginity & Homosexual Themes From Antiquity