Motherhood in Ancient Greece

This article features information about Athenian women during 5th century BCE Athens. It explores the importance of mothers and childbearing in ancient Greek society. Sparta society is mentioned throughout the article when in comparison to Athens. This provides the knowledge to better understand the similarities and differences in relation to women in ancient Greek society. … More Motherhood in Ancient Greece

Tracing Women Through Textiles in the Ancient Mediterranean

The study of ancient textiles can provide invaluable information about the daily lives, and potential movements of women throughout the ancient Mediterranean. This page will discuss scholarship surrounding ancient textiles as they relate to the tracing of women throughout ancient civilizations, primarily Greece and Rome. … More Tracing Women Through Textiles in the Ancient Mediterranean

Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The subject of women in antiquity is a fascinating, but admittedly difficult pursuit. Women’s voices in ancient times were largely ignored or silenced in literature, historical narratives, philosophical discourse, and political life. Since pursuits in the philosophical realm were predominantly viewed as the domain of elite men, women, slaves, and other minorities are often left … More Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan

Overview This page explains the what, when and where of the Athenian Hetairai, and also clarifies the differences between the Hetairai and the other forms of prostitution in ancient Greece. Overall Prostitution in Ancient Athens Prostitution in ancient Athens was allowed to be practiced and completely legal, as long as the women were not official … More Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan