The Iconography of Women on Attic Pottery

Domestic scenes of women in ancient Greek pottery have long been overlooked by classical scholarship. This page focuses on the roles women played in the inspiration, creation, purchase, and use of pottery, as well as what these factors can tell us about women in antiquity. … More The Iconography of Women on Attic Pottery

The Satire of Classical Maenadism

In this article, we will examine how maenads and satyrs — the female and male followers of Dionysus, respectfully — are represented in both Classical iconographic and literary sources. The depictions of intoxication, sexual abuse, and animalistic features associated with maenads and satyrs ultimately acts to reinforce ideological standards for women to behave according to the accepted social and cultural beliefs in Classical Greece by presenting the followers of Dionysus through satirical means. … More The Satire of Classical Maenadism