Circe the ‘Villain’: The Delegitimization of Women in Antiquity

The article delves into the evolution of Circe’s portrayal in mythology, analyzing her character as both a skilled sorceress and a wicked temptress. It explores how powerful female figures such as Circe were frequently vilified in history, and how they were stigmatized as monsters, witches, and prostitutes to diminish their societal roles. … More Circe the ‘Villain’: The Delegitimization of Women in Antiquity

Ancient Roman Prostitues

  Who: Female Prostitutes What: Prostitution in Ancient Rome Where: Mostly Pompeii, but prostitution was everywhere When: primarily between 200 BCE and 250 CE Why: Though many high school history books may hide the knowledge of ancient prostitutes, that does not mean they do not exist. Prostitution has been around for a very long time, often referred … More Ancient Roman Prostitues

Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan

Overview This page explains the what, when and where of the Athenian Hetairai, and also clarifies the differences between the Hetairai and the other forms of prostitution in ancient Greece. Overall Prostitution in Ancient Athens Prostitution in ancient Athens was allowed to be practiced and completely legal, as long as the women were not official … More Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan