Women in Antiquity

An Online Resource for the Study of Women in the Ancient World


 This interactive website is an international collaboration between students enrolled in Women in Antiquity courses across North America. Originally created by Mount Allison University students in the spring of 2017 under the instruction of Chelsea Gardner, further contributions were added by Rutgers University-Camden students in Fall 2017 under the instruction of Abbe Walker, by Mount Allison University students in Fall 2018 under the instruction of John Fabiano, and by University of Massachusetts Amherst students in Fall 2020 under the instruction of Lauren Caldwell. Each student researched a topic of their choice relating to the overall course subject, and then populated a page of their own; their research is academic, but the web pages are intended for a general audience. Please take a look around, explore and learn about the lives and myths of women and goddesses from ancient Greece and Rome. We welcome any and all suggestions, so please feel free to comment on the pages. Enjoy!

“All the men added together made the solid world– they were the marbles in the jar, and women were whatever sand or water or air claimed the space left between them. That’s how I saw things as a young woman, that was my women’s studies. Now I’ve come to know that women are like vodka poured over men, who melt away like ice cubes.”

  ― Bonnie Jo Campbell