Recognition of Roles and Focus In studying the role of women in medicine in antiquity, it is important to recognise that many variables play a hand in determining who took part. The matter of class and economic standing is of course ever a factor, but so too is perceptions of the body and gendered treatments. … More WOMEN IN MEDICINE

Lesbianism and Queer Female Sexuality in Ancient Greece

“…you, like a goddess renowned, in your songs she took most joy. Now she is unique among Lydian women, as the moon once the sun sets” (Sappho Fr. 94 and 96) Contents: Intro Male Homosexuality The Invisibility of Female Sexuality Sappho and Lesbianism Ovid and Heterosexualization Conclusion Citations   1. Intro:  “Sappho represents, then, all … More Lesbianism and Queer Female Sexuality in Ancient Greece

Agrippina the Younger

Written by Emily Globe for CLAS 2501, Fall 2018, at Mount Allison University. Overview Agrippina the Younger (also called Agrippina II or Agrippina Minor) was a Roman Empress who lived in the early 1st century C.E. She was one of the more well-known women of the Julio-Claudian family, and had direct connections to three Julio-Claudian … More Agrippina the Younger

The Portrayal of Venus in Pompeian Frescoes

History and Depictions of the Love Goddesses’ Image Throughout antiquity, the portrayal of Venus and her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite, has changed time and time again. Even just comparing her Greek representations to her Roman representations, there is a clear difference in how she was believed to look, what she was believed to wear, and even … More The Portrayal of Venus in Pompeian Frescoes

Roman Women in Textile Production and Commerce

Introduction  As one may assume, the study of textiles—let alone women’s position in their production and sales—presents some challenging obstacles mainly, perishable evidence. Textiles and the tools used to make them are often victims to the ravages of time. Moreover, the study of women also provides a challenge as evidence for the average working women … More Roman Women in Textile Production and Commerce


  Boudica, or Boadicea or Boudicca, is a historical figure from Iron Age Britain. She is best known for leading the rebellion against the Roman empire between 60 and 61 AD. Boudica was Queen of the Iceni tribe and a mother of two daughters. When she, her family and her people were horrifically wronged by … More Boudica

Cleopatra VII

One of the most well-known names in history is that of a woman who ruled Egypt a few thousand years ago. Cleopatra and her enduring fame can still be seen in pop culture, especially in film. Her life was full of power, intelligence, romance, and tragedy. Aside from the fact that she ruled Egypt, what … More Cleopatra VII