The Cults of Hera

In the world of ancient Greece, cults were a common thing centered around a god or goddess of which they, the people worshipped, they were located in temples of the god or goddess they worshiped, one such goddess was Hera, the goddess of marriage. Her temples were located in Argos, Sparta, and many other places … More The Cults of Hera


Recognition of Roles and Focus In studying the role of women in medicine in antiquity, it is important to recognise that many variables play a hand in determining who took part. The matter of class and economic standing is of course ever a factor, but so too is perceptions of the body and gendered treatments. … More WOMEN IN MEDICINE

Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The subject of women in antiquity is a fascinating, but admittedly difficult pursuit. Women’s voices in ancient times were largely ignored or silenced in literature, historical narratives, philosophical discourse, and political life. Since pursuits in the philosophical realm were predominantly viewed as the domain of elite men, women, slaves, and other minorities are often left … More Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Lesbianism and Queer Female Sexuality in Ancient Greece

“…you, like a goddess renowned, in your songs she took most joy. Now she is unique among Lydian women, as the moon once the sun sets” (Sappho Fr. 94 and 96) Contents: Intro Male Homosexuality The Invisibility of Female Sexuality Sappho and Lesbianism Ovid and Heterosexualization Conclusion Citations   1. Intro:  “Sappho represents, then, all … More Lesbianism and Queer Female Sexuality in Ancient Greece

The Cult of Bona Dea

We have a tendency to imagine ancient Rome as a place where women were deprived of autonomy, existing primarily as wives. Reproduction was the watchword of womanly purpose, and the purity of a woman was both her most prized and her most ephemeral attribute. Under the constant watch of tutors and with no avenue into … More The Cult of Bona Dea

Agrippina the Younger

Written by Emily Globe for CLAS 2501, Fall 2018, at Mount Allison University. Overview Agrippina the Younger (also called Agrippina II or Agrippina Minor) was a Roman Empress who lived in the early 1st century C.E. She was one of the more well-known women of the Julio-Claudian family, and had direct connections to three Julio-Claudian … More Agrippina the Younger

The Portrayal of Venus in Pompeian Frescoes

History and Depictions of the Love Goddesses’ Image Throughout antiquity, the portrayal of Venus and her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite, has changed time and time again. Even just comparing her Greek representations to her Roman representations, there is a clear difference in how she was believed to look, what she was believed to wear, and even … More The Portrayal of Venus in Pompeian Frescoes