Isis, Her Temple, and Her Place in Roman Society

It was far from uncommon to see cultures adopting gods and religious practices from their neighbors. The Romans borrowed many of the Greek gods and looked at Greek classical literature with fondness and devotion. While this was common practice, it was not all that common to see one specific deity travel between many different groups … More Isis, Her Temple, and Her Place in Roman Society

Women at Vindolanda

Introduction The Roman Empire at its peak extended across 5 million square kilometers, encompassing regions in northern Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and central Asia. In order to hold control over conquered regions, the Romans built military forts, both permanent and temporary, to enforce their sovereignty. One of the regions populated with military forts was … More Women at Vindolanda

Beauty, Imagery, and Patriarchy

Centuries of inequality stemming from gender imbalances have stalled progress in contemporary life. Though women are no longer confined to their roles as traditional housewives, they are subjected to a different, less obvious, form of social control. Our modern concept of beauty oppresses women by insisting that they meet a forever-fluctuating ideal that is completely … More Beauty, Imagery, and Patriarchy

The Portrayal of Roman Women in Modern Media

Ancient Rome, an utterly patriarchal society that fiend for combat and war, incorporated few women into their government or regime. Historians have speculated that some Roman women acted as a political counsel to their husbands, but this was mostly done behind closed doors. In the past fifty years, women of ancient Rome have fascinated many … More The Portrayal of Roman Women in Modern Media