Locusta of Gaul: Murderer by Poison

Locusta of Gaul had, what most individuals would call, an unconventional career. Living most of her life in Rome, she created and sold poisons to various individuals. People of high social status (e.g., Emperor’s and Empresses) stood on both sides of Locusta’s craft, killing and/or being killed by her deadly poisons. This page offers an insight into the origin of poisons and their use, as well as the murders that took place with the aid of Locusta’s services. … More Locusta of Gaul: Murderer by Poison

Calling All the Witches

Worshipping the Goddess Hecate in Antiquity and Today Let’s start with some background information on the goddess. In Greek mythology, Hecate is known for helping Demeter search for her daughter, Persephone, who had been “gifted” to Hades, her uncle (gross, I know), by her father, Zeus (even more disgusting). “I begin to sing of Demeter, … More Calling All the Witches