Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The subject of women in antiquity is a fascinating, but admittedly difficult pursuit. Women’s voices in ancient times were largely ignored or silenced in literature, historical narratives, philosophical discourse, and political life. Since pursuits in the philosophical realm were predominantly viewed as the domain of elite men, women, slaves, and other minorities are often left … More Women and Misogyny in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The Cult of Bona Dea

We have a tendency to imagine ancient Rome as a place where women were deprived of autonomy, existing primarily as wives. Reproduction was the watchword of womanly purpose, and the purity of a woman was both her most prized and her most ephemeral attribute. Under the constant watch of tutors and with no avenue into … More The Cult of Bona Dea


Andromache’s life as viewed by Euripides Euripides had written a play that dramatized the life of Andromache after the Trojan war. It depicted how she was treated and used by Neoptolemus and Hermione. It started when Troy was sacked and Hector was killed and Andromache was taken as a concubine by Achilles’ son Neoptolemus. Andromache … More Andromache

Maenads: Female Followers of Dionysus

Maenad: Female Followers of Dionysus  Who were the Maenads? To be put in short, maenads were female followers of Dionysos. The Greek god Dionysos, who is equivalent to the Roman god of Bacchus, was representative of wine and madness. The practice of maenadism is thought to have started in Thebes, coinciding with the birth place of Dionysus. … More Maenads: Female Followers of Dionysus

Consent and Rape Culture in Ancient Greece

The Rape of Proserpina, Hans von Aachen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons   “Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.” – Marshall University Women’s Center   While it may not have been referred to as such … More Consent and Rape Culture in Ancient Greece

Women in Pompeii and Their Dominance Through Frescoes

Overview:  Frescoes that have been frozen in time through volcanic ash help tell the stories of women in Pompeii. Prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii was a thriving city by the bay of Naples that served both the community and visitors. In Pompeii, prostitution was common among lower class women and their trade … More Women in Pompeii and Their Dominance Through Frescoes

Ancient Roman Prostitues

  Who: Female Prostitutes What: Prostitution in Ancient Rome Where: Mostly Pompeii, but prostitution was everywhere When: primarily between 200 BCE and 250 CE Why: Though many high school history books may hide the knowledge of ancient prostitutes, that does not mean they do not exist. Prostitution has been around for a very long time, often referred … More Ancient Roman Prostitues